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Thanks CRM Features

Thanks CRM provides 24 different business solutions that can be useful for individuals and enterprises.

1. Schedule

Event or shedule alert(Birth, Anniversary)

2. Customer relationship

Automatically manages special events for the clients


Scheduled E-mail or SMS service to manage the clients

4. Project Management

Manage different projects efficiently

5. Thanks CRM advertise

Advertise or sell your items on e-commerce website(go7shop)


POS System for small/big retail stores

7. Purchase and Order

8. Accounting System

9. Workgroup to manage your group

10. Webinar service

Useful to for online face meetings

Why use Thanks CRM?
First, it is possible to use both individual and small business owners and self-employed businesses by providing efficient CRM platform that customers want and need.
Second, it can be widely used as integrated management CRM.
Third, by using webinar, organizations and organizations can be developed into a systematic system.
Fourth, we aim to differentiate ourselves from other companies with specialized CRM (real estate, law, religion, etc.)
Fifth, the monthly fee is very low compared with other companies (price competitiveness).

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