Purpose Category Length of Time Held
• Service subscription / change / termination processing
• Identification, personal identification, sign-up confirmation
• Notice delivery, service delivery guide
• Use complaints, demographic analysis (age / gender / region analysis, etc.)
• Analysis of usage patterns, preferences, and purchase path
• Customer satisfaction survey to improve service performance and quality
• Server construction required for service delivery
• Providing personalized service
• Subject to applicable law or use of the Service or to process it
• Data required for billing, such as applicant's name, resident registration number (legal birth date), duplicate registration confirmation, gender, address, contact phone number, email address, access IP / MAC, access log, • Information generated by combining the above personal information Service subscription period and 6 months after termination
※ Exceptions
• If there are special regulations in laws and ordinances, there can be exceptions.
Purpose Category Length of Time Held
• Marketing utilization and customer management such as all services provided by the company and customer benefit events.
• Information / advertising is transmitted using the personal information of the applicant that the company collects and the type of usage / preference analysis
Collection of personal information from required agreements when using the company's services • Any item that you have agreed to use Service subscription period